Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Several applauds MCC for Website

Several persons residing and and outside Liberia have lauded the leadership of the Monrovia City Corporation for its initiative of launching an information blog (website) with the sole purpose of informing the browsing public.

According to series of letters emailed to the webmaster of the MCC’s information on line, the browsers said they were animated when they found on the internet a blog of the Monrovia City Corporation (MCC), given detail of the City of Monrovia and its importance.

One of the emails sent by one Patrick Norris, a Liberian who is residing in the State of Boston in the United States of America said, “I am delighted to expressed my thanks and appreciation to the leadership of the Monrovia City Corporation for being farsighted in bring to us by the way of the magic of Bill Gates’ dream, the internet what the city of Monrovia needs are, and what the management team is doing,” Mr. Patrick Norris in his email of commendation said.

Another Liberian, Nana Gibson currently in Ghana, Accra also thanked the MCC of this initiative, adding, “I am proud of aunty Ophelia for her level of developmental initiative to putting the Corporation of the map of internet. I hope she inform us more on what we Liberians in the diasporas must do to her keeping our city live”, the Liberian in her letter to the MCC’s Webmaster stressed.

Locally, Liberians who have browsed the new blog of the MCC are also expressing happiness for the launching of the MCC website. Meanwhile, the MCC is contemplating to update its information weekly on this site for the benefit of all Liberians and our foreign residents.


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